You Can Sell Gold For Cash

There are places that will easily buy your gold from you. They have made the process of selling your gold very hassle-free. If you have taken in bottles to a recycling center before and noticed how everything runs — they take the bottles, they weigh the bottles, then they hand you money — then you have an idea of how easy it can be for you to sell your gold for cash. You can read the info here to learn where you can find gold to sell.

Go through all of your own jewelry

The first thing that you are going to want to do is to go through your own jewelry box and see how many pieces of gold jewelry you have that you can sell for cash. Keep in mind that you may have an absolutely gorgeous gold necklace pendant with a beautiful design and stunning gemstones. However, none of this will matter to the person who is buying it for the gold. They will take that stunning piece from you, and it will end up being melted down. This also lets you know that they are only going to pay you for the worth of the gold, not the beauty of the piece or worth of the gemstones. Therefore, you're going to want to try to sell your more plain pieces that are mostly gold.

Invest in a metal detector

If you really like the idea that you can make money very easily by selling gold, then you may want to invest in a metal detector. You can get a basic model that isn't very expensive and that will work just fine. However, you should understand that you can go for very long periods of time before you ever find gold, if you ever do. However, keep the metal detector in your trunk and pull it out when you aren't doing something else and you may get lucky and find some gold jewelry. For example, if you take the kids to the park, walk around with it, and see if you find anything. If you find gold, you can sell it!

Go to estate sales

If you already like to hit up yard sales and estate sales to see what good deals you can get, then you'll really want to go now. Always have your eyes open for those pieces of gold. You can be absolutely amazed at some of the prices you can get real gold jewelry for. If you plan on taking this seriously, it's best to carry a gold testing kit with you, so you know you really are buying gold.

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